Britain's First Photo Album to repeat on BBC2


Britain's First Photo Album will be repeating on BBC Two from Tuesday 1st September at 12.30pm. John Sergeant follows in the footsteps of pioneer photographer Francis Frith who, alongside his team, created some of the first photographic records of Britain. 

French Collection Series 2


The second series of French Collection starts on Channel 4 this week - and it's much bigger than last year. There's 25 episodes over the next few weeks so lots of opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful markets across France. Mark Franks gives three Brits 800 euros each and takes them across the Channel to find vintage collectibles they think will make them a profit. Mark's on hand with his expert knowledge throughout but all decisions are made by the contestants. Once home, they upcycle and repurpose their purchases to add as much value as possible - with some extraordinary results. Then, Mark meets all three in a British town where they have to sell the lot - and they have the run of the town: all they care about is profit. It's fast and furious and doesn't always go according to plan. Whoever makes the most money goes home with everyone's earnings. Throughout the series, there's tips on what to buy and how to make the most money and the best ways to make a quick buck. 

French Collection is on every day at 4pm on Channel 4. 

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is : Series 12


Series 12 of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is starts this week on BBC One. It’s on air every day at 4.30pm. The series kicks off with the return of Katherine Higgins up against the mighty Phil Serrell. Then next week, Put Your Money newcomer Danny Sebastian takes on gentleman auctioneer James Braxton.

La Traviata - Love Death and Divas on BBC Two, Saturday 20th June, 9.00pm


La Traviata is the world’s most popular opera.  But its London premiere in 1856 was denounced for promoting ‘the poetry of the brothel’ and unleashing uncomfortable truths on Victorian society.  Historian Amanda Vickery and Radio 3 presenter Tom Service reveal the story behind the La Traviata’s first night in London and its scandalous heroine, the courtesan Violetta Valéry whose dramatic life and tragic death were based on real-life events.  Amanda and Tom examine how its premiere marked an historic moment in social history and defined the role of the opera diva forever.  Scenes from Verdi’s masterpiece have been specially recreated for the film with Opera North alongside stunning location photography in Venice, Milan, Paris and London.