20th January 2011 - Britain's Killer Roads

Reef has been commissioned by BBC Daytime to make ‘Britain’s Killer Roads’ for BBC One mornings, taking a detailed look at the most dangerous roads across the UK and the tireless campaigning efforts that are taking place to improve them.

This 5x45’ series will transmit in autumn 2011 at 9.15, stripped across a single week as part of a BBC Daytime focus on dangerous roads and driving. The series will be presented by Joe Crowley and series produced by Jason Wells, with Gerry Melling and Richard Farmbrough as BBC and Reef execs respectively.

The series will be presented by Joe Crowley, the Series Producer is Jason Wells. Gerry Melling will exec produce for the BBC and Richard Farmbrough for Reef.

January 2011 - Faber & Bishopp PR

Reef Television is pleased to be working with Faber & Bishopp PR – for all Press and PR enquiries (only) please contact:
Stephanie Faber or Tamara Bishopp, Faber & Bishopp PR on steph@faberbishopp.co.uk 07753 827777 or tamara@faberbishopp.co.uk 07769 707010