Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


Reef’s property show Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb will air on the 18th February weekly on More 4 at 9.00pm. Three homeowners desperate to sell get the chance to snoop around each other’s houses before going head-to-head in a competition for one buyer. Having sized up their rivals’ properties they then get one week, one thousand pounds and expert advice from Amanda Lamb on how to improve their homes, before a buyer comes round to select their favourite. But with budgets tight and time short, the pressure is on to see who can make the most impact with their makeovers.

Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses repeats on Channel 4


Reef's property show Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses is currently repeating on Channel 4, starting on Monday 27th January at 11.00am and finishing on the 14th of February.

Britain's First Photo Album repeating on BBC2


Britain's First Photo Album will be repeating on BBC Two from Monday 27th Jan at 1.00pm. John Sergeant follows in the footsteps of pioneer photographer Francis Frith who, alongside his team, created some of the first photographic records of Britain. 

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is : Series 9


The ninth series of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is will be on air from Monday 27th January every week day at 4.30pm on BBC 1. The series features TV’s best-loved antiques and collectibles dealers including Eric Knowles, Phil Serrell, Mark Franks, Jonty Hearnden and Mark Stacy competing against each other and putting their own money and reputations on the line.

Week 1 commencing Mark Franks v Phil Serrell, Week 2: Eric Knowles v Catherine Southon

Week 3: David Harper v Mark Stacey , Week 4: Jonty Hearnden v Christina Trevanion