Post production

Post production

Post production

Reef Television's post-production unit is now part of the Ten Alps Post facility, headed up by Dominik James. The facility has been specially designed and fitted out to offer a comfortable and spacious environment for editing.

The facility has a total of 17 suites, 2 of which are capable of full HD online. Ten of the offline suites have been fitted out with AJA IO Express boxes and run Avid 5.5 and Windows 7 64bit. The online suites consist of 2 HP Z800s and 24” HD JVC LCD Monitors for playback along with the Black Magic Decklink Extreme 3D output cards. Full QC process is available with the use of the latest Vidcheck software. 

As well as these suites, digitise stations in the machine room can input a full range of HD material including XDCAM and HD MPEG2. This material is then conformed back in the machine room when it is ready for the online process. All these suites are connected to a 72Tb Terrablock shared storage system allowing quick and convenient sharing of footage. All footage shot can be backed up to LTO5 tapes at the end of the editing process in the LTFS format for quick retrieval.

There are also 7 offline capable edit suites running Avid Mojo hardware on Avid 5.5 with Windows 7 64bit. These suites and the 3 digitise stations run off a 10Tb DDP shared storage system allowing us to be flexible with any production footage for the edit. 

All 17 suites are fully swappable to each shared storage system and can be repurposed for individual productions.

Who to contact

If you are interested in hiring an edit suite at our Post Production Facility in the first instance please contact Paul Hanrahan – Director of Production or Dominik James – Head of Post Production on 020 7539 2000 for more information.